Bayern Munich secures the signing of Harry Kane for €100 million

The unfolding of the longest and most complicated negotiation of the transfer window is finally coming to fruition. What’s happening is that Bayern Munich has managed to convince Tottenham to sell Harry Kane and has sealed the deal for an amount that pleases the club.

With a proposal of €100 million and some additional bonuses, the club agreed to sell the player, who is under contract with the team until next June. However, Harry is excited about the training sessions under the new coach and is torn by this decision.

Initially, even before the clubs reached an agreement, the player had already reached a deal with Bayern Munich, defining a salary of €29 million per season and more. However, he’s now in doubt and even somewhat inclined to stay with the team.

For weeks, Tottenham turned down the offers made by Harry Kane, even when Bayern offered €100 million. As a result, the club had to consider other names, but this saga still didn’t conclude in time. Tottenham eventually gave in and accepted Bayern Munich’s proposal.

Harry Kane’s Situation

Initially, Tottenham didn’t accept Bayern Munich’s latest proposal, which hindered the negotiations. Kane even requested that the deals be expedited and resolved before the Premier League debut. The player had been wanting to leave Tottenham for some time.

Tottenham’s new coach also attempted to expedite the situation, urging for the deals to be finalized as soon as possible. However, this hadn’t happened yet, and only now has the club reached an agreement on the agreed-upon transfer fee.

In any case, with the end of this saga still uncertain, Kane continued to play for the team, returning to the pitch on July 12th. He began participating in the team’s preseason training sessions. For now, the coach and the player await the resolution of this negotiation, but the player remains enthusiastic about Tottenham’s new coach.

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