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Chelsea are looking to offer two players in exchange for the signing of João Félix

As Chelsea begins to plan for the next season, the club is eager to secure the permanent signing of João Félix. According to the “Evening Standard” portal, Atlético Madrid is still demanding €100 million (R$ 547 million) for the sale of the striker.

The Spanish club is also willing to accept a new loan deal for the player, but at a cost of £16 million (R$ 100 million). The English club has expressed a desire to reduce the asking price and is considering involving Aubameyang and Marc Cucurella in the negotiations with the Colchoneros.

In recent games, João Félix has not been used very frequently by Frank Lampard, which has not gone down well in Spain. However, Chelsea is close to securing the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino for next season, and new decisions may be made during the transfer window.

João Felix wishes to stay at Chelsea

Although he is under contract with Atlético Madrid, the Portuguese striker does not plan to return to the Spanish club and play under the command of Diego Simeone. In 17 games played with Chelsea, João Félix has only scored three goals and has been disappointing in his passage through the Premier League.

Despite the high cost of the deal, the acquisition of João Félix could be beneficial for Chelsea. The club has been seeking a long-term replacement for Eden Hazard, who left for Real Madrid in 2019. João Félix is a talented young player who has the potential to develop into a top-class player, making him an attractive prospect for Chelsea.

The inclusion of Aubameyang and Cucurella in the negotiations could also be advantageous for Chelsea. Aubameyang is a proven goalscorer who could add firepower to Atlético Madrid’s attack, while Cucurella is a versatile player who can play in multiple positions, making him a valuable addition to any team.

Overall, securing the signing of João Félix would be a significant coup for Chelsea. The club has struggled to find a consistent goalscorer since the departure of Hazard, and Félix could fill that void. However, negotiations with Atlético Madrid are likely to be challenging, and Chelsea may need to make a significant offer to secure the deal.


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