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Club surprises and signals a 200 million euro offer for Vinícius Jr

Highlighted at Real Madrid, Vini Jr’s performance has not gone unnoticed, and the club intends to invest heavily in his signing. The player is an essential part of his current club and has been demonstrating world-class potential with excellent scores.

As a result, in the next transfer window, the name of the forward who is causing a stir in the transfer market will have a historic negotiation. Targeted by many clubs, the player has caught the attention of one club in particular, and they are not afraid to invest.

To secure the player’s signing, the club plans to make an offer of 200 million euros. The interested party looking to make this million-dollar investment is Al Ahli, a club that already boasts other stars, including the Brazilian Roberto Firmino.

The club’s intention is to pursue a million-dollar negotiation with the aim of not failing in the deal. Therefore, Al Ahli intends to offer one of the highest salaries in the history of football to have Vini Jr in their team in the next transfer window.

The club plans to invest heavily in Vini Jr

With a proposal of 200 million euros per season, the club aims to have the three highest-paid players in the world. Al Ahli has not yet made an official offer for the player, but they have been making inquiries.

The signing of Vini Jr is still a dream that is not so close to Arabia, but the club continues to plan to make this offer in an attempt to bring the forward to the team. For now, the club is analyzing the situation to convince the player.

However, there are some barriers that could further complicate this negotiation. One of them is that Real Madrid has just renewed its contract with the player, and as of now, Vini has a valid contract with the club until 2029. For now, we must wait for the outcome of this deal until the next transfer window.

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