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Kane dismisses PSG and is set to play for another major European club

In the last year of his contract with Tottenham, Harry Kane already has new suitors who intend to invest in the player during this transfer window. However, his future remains uncertain as his current club does not plan to make his departure easy.

The club’s management hopes that the player names his price and stays with the team, but the striker intends to continue competing in major European competitions. This won’t be possible with his current club, as they finished eighth in the Premier League standings.

On the other hand, there are other clubs that can offer the player the opportunity to participate in the top European matches, and two clubs are interested in signing him for the remainder of this season.

Apart from Bayern Munich, which has already had two previous offers rejected by Tottenham’s president, PSG is also interested in the player. However, Harry Kane has already ruled out any possibility of joining PSG.

Kane desires to play for Bayern Munich

With a £90 million proposal for the player, Bayern is still in negotiations with him, but they need to reach an agreement with the club to finalize the deal. The club believes this is an irresistible offer, but they have already received two rejections for proposals of £70 million and £80 million.

According to information provided by Bayern Munich’s honorary president in conversations with the player’s agents, his father and brother, all negotiations have been positive and conducted with mutual respect.

As a result, Bayern, who is still in talks with Kane, assures that if the striker sticks to his final decision, Tottenham will undoubtedly have to relent and accept his transfer this season. However, the player’s current club remains steadfast and still demands compensation of over £100 million to close the deal.

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