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Leaving Juventus, Di María edges closer to determining his future

Renowned Argentine player Angel Di María has taken a step towards determining his future after departing from Juventus in Italy. The superstar’s decision is set to surprise fans of other clubs who had hoped to have the Argentine ace on their side.

The World Cup champion has chosen to return to Benfica, the club that welcomed him to Europe back in 2007. This decision has dealt a blow to other clubs who had also expressed interest in acquiring the player’s services.

According to journalist Aaron Dominguez, Di María has opted to return to Benfica, leaving clubs in Brazil disappointed as they had envisioned his signing. The Argentine player has a significant history with the Portuguese club, where he spent three seasons from 2007 to 2010.

A Memorable Comeback Benfica

After a promising start with Rosario Central in Argentina, Di María, at the age of 19, received an opportunity to play in Europe with Benfica. And he made the most of it! In Portugal, he won the league title and secured two League Cups in three years.

Following his departure from Benfica, Di María continued his successful career with top European clubs, including Real Madrid and Manchester United, before joining Juventus. Now, with his choice to return to Benfica, the player will have the chance to contribute his experience and talent to the Portuguese team’s success.

Di María’s decision to come back to Benfica represents not only a reunion with his roots but also a display of affection and gratitude towards the club that helped him shine on the international stage.

Benfica fans will undoubtedly be thrilled at the prospect of witnessing such a talented and experienced player donning the club’s jersey once again. However, fans of South American clubs who had hoped to see the ace in Brazilian football will have to postpone their dreams a little longer.

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