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Manchester City pushes for new deal for Erling Haaland, gets response

Erling Haaland, Manchester City’s prolific scorer, has a release clause that could potentially allow him to leave in 2025, sparking concerns amid interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona. The club aims to renegotiate this clause, but the player’s team is determined to uphold his future freedom.

In his inaugural full season at Manchester City, Erling Haaland emerged as the top scorer across all competitions in 2022/23, solidifying his status as a highly sought-after global talent in football. The club aims to retain the Norwegian striker in the team for an extended period.

However, a specific clause in Haaland’s contract is causing apprehension within Manchester City’s leadership. When Haaland signed a five-year contract in 2022, a fixed-price release clause was established, permitting his departure in 2025 if another club meets the predetermined amount.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in Haaland

Despite accepting this condition initially, City has been attempting to renegotiate the clause since March, prompted by heightened interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Norwegian striker. Manchester City is concerned about the interest from the two major clubs in Spain.

The club is actively engaged in discussions with Haaland’s representatives to amend the current contract, aiming to eliminate or revise the release clause, ideally by increasing its fixed value. The idea is not only to extend the contract but also to establish a release clause that would deter potential suitors for the player.

Yet, negotiations have hit a roadblock as Haaland’s team staunchly advocates for preserving the player’s option to switch clubs even before his contract concludes. His desire to play for Real Madrid has been widely reported in the sports media.

In a recent interview, Haaland’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta, emphasized that the striker is “in control of his destiny.” She further highlighted her career’s track record of crafting contracts that empower athletes to shape their futures. The agent’s statement suggests that the player’s desire will take precedence.

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