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Mbappé agrees to swap PSG for another major European club

Approaching the end of his contract and counting down the days to leave PSG, Mbappé has already begun to assess other offers that go beyond playing for Real Madrid. As it was the player’s desire, fans hoped that would be his next destination.

However, even though Real Madrid is also interested in the player, needing a scorer after Carlos Ancelotti’s departure, Mbappé has other plans for now. With PSG, the striker would continue to be part of the team with one of the highest salaries in Europe and additional benefits. Nevertheless, nothing has convinced him to renew with the club.

As he has no intention of staying with the French club, he aims to transfer to another team in this ongoing European season. With the desire to pursue new achievements and reach another level, the player has already outlined his future.

Initially, Mbappé is open to playing for another club of his interest until the end of the year. Then, after December, free from PSG, he will move to Real Madrid to begin his long-awaited career at the club, benefiting the team with a cost-free transfer.

Mbappé says yes to another club

With the intention of further enhancing his football skills before joining Real Madrid, Mbappé is willing to finalize a deal with another club by the end of the year. The club in question is Liverpool, which, according to reports, has persuaded the player to sign with them until the end of the season.

Despite Liverpool not being part of the Champions League competitions, the player believes that training under Klopp, the current coach of the club, would be excellent for improving his performance on the field. Additionally, he is also a fan of the team’s style of play.

Either way, the one to lose out will be PSG, who tried their best to retain the player in order to secure larger profits in the future. Now, with no intention to stay even until the end of his contract with the team, the club will have to consider Liverpool’s negotiation offers.

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