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Mbappé has said yes to playing in the Premier League in 2024

With less than a year to go before his contract with PSG expires, Kylian Mbappé is getting closer and closer to signing with a new club for the 2024 season. The player’s departure has been a source of tension between the club and the player for months.

At first, the club wanted to renew the 24-year-old’s contract, even suggesting that he either renew or leave the club immediately. However, the player preferred to stay with the team at least until the end of the current season, as his contract expires in June 2024.

In this case, as there is no intention to extend the contract, the player will need to forgo a loyalty bonus of 100 million euros. However, even though he is delaying his departure, the striker has no intention of changing his mind after the season ends.

Mbappé is a star striker at the peak of his career, and there is no doubt that other clubs are already investing in his transfer. One potential destination for the player next season is Liverpool.

Mbappé has chosen his new club for 2024

Although his dream is to play for Real Madrid, Mbappé is open to other offers. As his contract renewal with PSG is not in the plans, and it appears he is not going to change his mind, other clubs can start negotiating.

Therefore, his main intention is to leave the club and sign with a new one, without any additional costs. So far, the player is positively considering the chance to play in the Premier League for Liverpool, but if his transfer is free, Real Madrid is also considering a proposal for the striker.

At the moment, PSG is hoping for a change of heart and is hoping that this will happen with a victory in the Champions League. However, the club is also taking advantage of the fact that two of the player’s friends are on the team and could convince Mbappé to stay for longer.

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