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Mbappé hints at potential move to a Premier League club

Unhappy with his situation at PSG, Mbappé is getting closer each day to sealing a deal with a new club. With no chance of renewing his contract with the club, the athlete is not even part of the preseason squad in Japan.

As his name continues to circulate in the transfer market, more clubs are being linked to the striker. However, considering the player’s desire and some speculations, his name is particularly associated with Real Madrid.

Although the situation is not yet defined, there are indications that the transfer could happen with just a deal between the clubs. However, there are also rumors that the player might go to another European club on loan.

The reality is that without progress from Real Madrid, for now, the player can explore other opportunities since he doesn’t intend to stay at PSG. For this reason, Mbappé might be on the verge of signing with a major English club.

Mbappé in the Premier League

As reported by the Sport newspaper, the club interested in the striker is Chelsea. The said club has already made formal inquiries to finalize the deal in the summer.

This time, the interest from a club other than Real Madrid pleased the star. Mbappé has signaled positively towards the possibility of joining the English squad. However, to be a part of Chelsea, he has set a condition.

Thus, to join Chelsea, Mbappé has determined that he will accept the deal, provided it involves a one-year loan. According to the information, the player has already made up his mind and is in agreement to join Real Madrid in July next year when his contract with PSG ends. The possibility of this loan is being considered by PSG.

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