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Mbappé is considering a move to the Premier League and could leave PSG

Now, even closer to the end of Kylian Mbappé’s contract with PSG, the player remains undecided about his future. At 25 years old, the expectation was for him to leave PSG and join Real Madrid. However, that seems unlikely.

Despite rumors of the player potentially joining Real Madrid during the previous season, he now sees another potential team in a positive light. Among the options, Liverpool emerges as a potential destination, as the club also shows interest in the striker.

With his contract at PSG expiring mid-year, the player is still undecided about staying with the team or pursuing a new opportunity. Consequently, Real Madrid has pressured him to make a decision, but without success.

Given that Real Madrid’s salary proposal is lower than what the player currently earns at PSG, Mbappé remains unhurried, seeking a more favourable offer. Up to this point, the striker’s situation remains a soap opera in the transfer market.

Mbappé awaits offers from clubs

With the new rumour suggesting a potential deal with Liverpool, negotiations among the main interested parties slow down even further. In 2022, Liverpool tried to sign the player, leveraging the fact that the striker’s mother is a fan of the team.

However, this factor didn’t influence the negotiations. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the club’s only attempt, as they also tried to negotiate with Mbappé back in 2017. The striker currently has an uncertain situation, but one of the most likely paths is a transfer to the Premier League.

With little chance of renewing with PSG, the club and the player have reportedly reached an agreement, as European media outlets have reported. Should he leave the team, the player would forego receiving contract bonuses, an amount totalling around 70 million euros, which, at the current exchange rate, would be approximately 375.4 million Brazilian reais.

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