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Neymar says no to Chelsea and negotiates with Manchester United

Neymar’s recent injury has kept him out of PSG’s latest games, but he still attracts interest from foreign teams. Despite his contract with the club lasting until 2027, PSG has left open the possibility of selling the player and has even had the chance to buy him since last summer.

However, his frequent injuries and high salary have interfered with this idea. This season, Neymar has piqued the interest of Manchester United. The club has been closely monitoring the striker, and so far the chances of him remaining at PSG are slim.

While there is currently no ongoing proposal, according to the French portal Foot Mercato, Manchester United has been observing the player and the possibility of buying him for several months. Additionally, his current club is not willing to make it difficult for the star to leave.

With Neymar’s likely departure and Messi’s contract ending without renewal, PSG is still betting on Mbappé. Therefore, while Messi intends to return to Barça, Neymar is being sought not only by Manchester United but also by Chelsea. However, Neymar has no interest in negotiating with Chelsea.

Manchester United is not the only team interested in Neymar

The striker is a key player and still has a lot to offer on the field, despite a series of injuries. Therefore, since no concrete purchase has yet been made, foreign teams are exploring the possibilities of negotiations.

As Neymar recovers, his chances of appearing in the Premier League increase. Moreover, the player has taken advantage of the opportunity to visit his former club, Santos, where he made history and won many fans.

Neymar is a standout player for the Brazilian audience and has received several individual awards throughout his career. These include the FIFA Puskás Award for Most Beautiful Goal in 2011, the Best Young Player of the World Cup in 2014, and several inclusions in the national team

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