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PSG makes decision on contract extension and shapes Mbappé future

Planning to keep Mbappé for another year in the Paris Saint-Germain squad, the club’s management has made an important decision to renew his contract. Unlike last season, the club does not intend to sign a contract with a short term.

In 2022, the player’s contract was renewed for an additional two years. This time, the club is looking for a long-term renewal, and this should happen even if PSG is eliminated in the Champions League round of 16.

Initially, the club’s intention is not to lose the player for free to another team. However, the renewal with the French club has not yet happened, and from January, the striker can already sign a pre-agreement with any other team.

The contract renewal is becoming a matter of faith in the French team’s project, and it is from there that Mbappé should decide whether to stay with the team or not. Therefore, the contract extension has nothing to do with the club’s performance this season.

Mbappé’s situation is still uncertain

PSG is still working to secure a Champions League spot, but if it does not succeed, it will not have any influence on the athlete’s decision. In this case, once again, the club is counting on a strategy to keep the striker in the team and keep him away from other interested parties.

If the renewal happens, Real Madrid, which is currently one of the player’s favorite clubs, will once again miss the chance to have the star on the team. However, as this soap opera has been going on for months, the Merengues are still interested in making an offer for the player in January.

With the opening of the new transfer window in Europe, if the player does not renew, he could also be in the sights of several other interested clubs. In addition, as the French club has not yet renewed with the 24-year-old athlete, the chances of him signing with another team for free are much higher, as his contract expires in the middle of next year.

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