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PSG should attempt to re-sign Bernardo Silva from Manchester City

Important player for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, midfielder Bernardo Silva is looking to leave the club. That’s what the French newspaper “L’Équipe” suggests, indicating that the player is a target for PSG and one of the most desired names by director Luis Campos.

The journal states that the 28-year-old had already expressed his desire to leave City last season in a conversation with the management. However, he was convinced to stay and played a crucial role in the current season, being utilized in more defensive positions, even being deployed as a full-back at times.

Bernardo still has two years left on his contract and recently mentioned that he would revisit his situation with City at the end of the season. According to “L’Équipe,” PSG is keeping a close eye on him. He is one of the players who most appeals to the football director Luis Campos, who was responsible for bringing him to Monaco in 2014 when Bernardo had limited opportunities at Benfica.

The newspaper also highlights that the player himself is “very receptive” to PSG’s interest, particularly due to his desire to live in Paris. He has reportedly gathered information about the city’s details. However, a potential deal could be hindered by the strained relationship between City, controlled by the United Arab Emirates, and PSG, led by Qatar.

The two neighboring countries have had significant disputes in recent years. These tensions may have an impact on negotiations between the clubs. It remains to be seen if the desire to secure Bernardo Silva’s services will outweigh the geopolitical issues at play.

If Bernardo Silva were to join PSG, he would add significant value to their midfield. His versatility and technical ability make him a coveted asset for any team. Furthermore, the prospect of playing alongside top-tier talents like Neymar and Kylian Mbappé could be enticing for the Portuguese international.

However, negotiations would require careful diplomacy and maneuvering to navigate the complicated landscape of football politics. Both clubs will need to weigh the potential benefits against the potential obstacles and decide whether a deal is feasible in light of the historical tensions between their respective nations. Only time will tell if this transfer speculation becomes a reality.

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