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Rafael Leão could switch from Milan to a Premier League club

Rafael Leão has been shining as one of Milan’s key players in recent seasons and has become a coveted figure in the football market. The forward has consistently been the top scorer for the Italian team. With his impressive performance, he was bestowed with the iconic number 10 shirt for the red and black squad.

Even amidst a challenging season for the Italian club, Rafael Leão has maintained his high level of play. The fans have shown great satisfaction with the young Portuguese player and wish to see him with the club for many more seasons. He continues to stand out, even in tough matches for Milan.

Rafael Leão’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed solely by Milan supporters. Some European teams have also been impressed by the player, which could pose dilemmas for the Rossoneri executives.

Premier League could be Rafael Leão’s destination

According to reports from the Football Transfers portal, the forward Rafael Leão may soon make a move to the Premier League. Manchester United has shown significant interest in the player and is closely monitoring his situation with Milan.

The club’s management is considering a potential offer to acquire the player, something that appeals to Erik Ten Hag. However, as of now, Manchester United has not made any formal offers, and this is expected to happen only if there is a positive signal from the player.

On the other hand, Milan is likely to make a potential departure of the talented Portuguese player quite challenging. The executives recognize his value to the squad and would demand a substantial transfer fee to even consider such a move.

In addition to United, the publication reports that other teams have their eyes on the Portuguese forward. Rafael Leão is also on the radar of clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool and is expected to be one of the most sought-after players in the January transfer window. Milan, on the other hand, will likely strive to retain the forward in their squad.

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