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With an astronomical offer on the table, Salah makes a decision about his future

Mohamed Salah, the top scorer of Liverpool, doesn’t go unnoticed in any transfer window, yet he has remained with the club since 2017. With a contract extending until June 2025, the forward has solidified his position as one of the team’s key players.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t deterred other clubs from attempting a transfer. Even when dissatisfied with his Liverpool career, Salah chose to stay. Now, there are indications that another club might be successful in securing the departure of the striker.

A specific club is willing to make a significant investment to secure the signing of the player. The player has indeed received an offer that promises a substantial sum for him to leave Liverpool.

According to information from an Arabic newspaper, the club interested in the challenging transfer of Mohamed Salah is Al Ittihad. As the newspaper reports, the club is determined to seal this deal and won’t spare any efforts to do so.

Salah’s Potential Departure from Liverpool

The striker who has stood firm with the club might now have a new opportunity for a change. As the Arab club is resolved to finalize his transfer, it’s up to the player to decide whether he will depart from the team where he has been a standout for years.

Initially, Al Ittihad offered a sum of 60 million euros to Liverpool for the transfer of the player. Additionally, Salah was presented with a 3-year contract offering a balance of 180 million euros per season. While the offer pleased the scorer, he has already made his decision and didn’t require any intervention from Liverpool.

Salah has dismissed the possibility of leaving the team this season, rendering Al Ittihad’s pursuits futile for the time being. As of now, the player remains inclined to stay with Liverpool as one of the key players, at least until his contract ends or the next transfer window approaches.


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