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Szczesny of Juve declines Saudi offer, says money ‘isn’t everything in life’

The Juventus goalkeeper, Szczesny, turned down a potential transfer to Saudi Arabia, rejecting a lucrative inquiry. In an interview with the “TVP Sport” channel, the 33-year-old Polish player explained his decision, underscoring that money is not his career priority.

In the 2023/24 season, Saudi teams have already invested over £3 billion in signings. This includes Neymar’s historic transfer to Al-Hilal, marking a milestone as the largest transfer ever made by a non-European club in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, the generous salaries offered have been a magnet for renowned players, drawing them to the country. Despite these incentives, Szczesny remains steadfast in his stance. The goalkeeper is very beloved by the Italian club’s fans.

Even in the face of the absence of European tournaments in Juventus’ schedule this season and the team’s exclusion from the Conference League due to fiscal issues and non-compliance with UEFA’s financial fair play rules, the Polish goalkeeper shows no interest in Saudi football.

Szczesny prioritizes football over money

He emphasized his dedication to football and highlighted that he is not swayed by the tempting offers from Arab football, despite receiving recent inquiries. For Szczesny, the challenge of competing in a demanding sports setting outweighs financial considerations. His priority is clear: he places his love for the game above opportunities for monetary gain.

The Polish player began his career at Arsenal, where he alternated between starting and being on the bench. He also had a stint at Roma on loan before joining Juventus in 2017, where he secured his position and established himself as one of the world’s top goalkeepers.

Despite the ongoing investment movement in Arab football, which is attracting numerous European football stars, not all players are enthusiastic. An example is the talented French player Mbappé, who turned down an Arab offer that would have made him the highest-paid player in the global football scene.

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