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The Premier League is another possible destination for Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi’s imminent departure from PSG will see the 35-year-old Argentine veteran return to the market two years after landing in Paris. The iconic footballer must decide his future in the coming months, and the Premier League is one of the potential destinations.

According to reports from the Spanish newspaper “Sport” and the “Goal” portal, several English clubs see Messi as a strategic signing. However, only the teams competing in the Champions League would be in the race, alongside Middle Eastern and MLS clubs, and even Barcelona, who dreams of bringing Messi back.

Chelsea and Newcastle are the most likely English clubs, with Newcastle, owned by an investment fund linked to the government of Saudi Arabia, being at the forefront, given Messi’s good relationship with the Arab country. This relationship was the last straw leading to his suspension from PSG and probable exit.

The advantage of English clubs is that Lionel Messi reportedly wishes to compete at the highest level in Europe, at least for one season. Despite joining PSG with much fanfare, Messi experienced a mixed bag of success in Paris. Although he helped PSG win the French league, his side crashed out of the Champions League, and Messi had a few off games.

Furthermore, his relationship with the club and its owners has been rocky, culminating in his suspension. Therefore, Messi’s departure seems inevitable, with the player now assessing his options. As one of the most significant footballing names in history, Messi is a coveted commodity, with clubs worldwide eagerly awaiting the chance to snap him up.

The Premier League has long been a dream destination for Messi. England is a footballing powerhouse, with several top clubs capable of winning the Champions League, the competition Messi has won four times. Furthermore, the Premier League is home to some of the world’s best players, making it a highly competitive and attractive proposition for Messi.

The potential arrival of Messi could also provide an exciting marketing opportunity for Premier League clubs, with sponsors and fans alike eager to see the Argentine superstar play in England. Chelsea and Newcastle, as previously mentioned, are the two most likely Premier League destinations for Messi. Chelsea, managed by Thomas Tuchel, are the reigning Champions League holders and have significant financial backing.

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